Kulim’s Background Kulim’s Origins The Kulim we know today was started and inhabited in mid 18th century, by Malays from the region of Pattani (Siam, now Thailand). The name for the town, ‘Kulim’ was derived from trees that was ubiquitous in that region (scientific name: Scorocarpus Borneensis Becc) The Kulim Tree is a plant that is present in Malaysian and other ASEAN rainforests. The botanical name is Scorodocarpus borneensis and the fruits are used for cooking by the indigenous people of Tapah (Perak). The fruits are borne sometime in mid July-August (same time as Durian seasons). In 1997 it was estimated that the market price of a cubic meter of kulim wood reached RM270. pokok kulim POKOK KULIM (Scorodocrpus borneeis)