MPKK’s history began with the memorandum of upgrading from Kulim District’s council (MDK) to MPKK on July 10th 1996 that was sent to the office of the secretary of state government of Kedah followed by the agreement achieved during the party’s meeting between the respective heads of department on March 29th 1995. During the meeting of the permanent committee of local affairs of the state of Kedah (1997), the committee accepted and studied the upgrading of the local authorities on April 22nd 1997, so that MDK was required to present additional facts that were outlined by the home ministry and local authorities for demonstration to the government’s committee.

On February 28th, 1998, the government’s committee of the state of Kedah convened a meeting regarding the consideration of upgrading from MDK to MPKK. This was in accordance to the application of MDK through the memorandum of MDK (PSU(K) 174/1417) according to Section 3(d) and 4(2) local government act of 1997 (Act 171) beginning January 1st 1997 and allowed the committee to come up with the organization structure and total employee based on the suggestions  on exhibit T paper 7(F) 63/98 in lieu with the approval of the council.

On November 16th 1998, Y.B. Dato’ Tin Chew Peh, ex-home minister and the local government have expressed their support for upgrading. However, it did not happen for the next three years due to some circumstances. Kedah’s MB, Dato’ Seri Syed Razak Syed Zain started an appeal  on February 22nd, 2001 to YB Dato’ Seri’ Ong Ka Ting (home minister) and the local government to speed up the upgrading application process.

Due to this appeal, a meeting was convened on June 6th 2001 consisting of the Unit heads of the upgrading committee. This meeting resulted in the formalization of the upgrading from MDK to MPKK (August 30th 2001). The ceremony was held in Keladi Stadium, witnessed by thousands of Kulim’s resident. The ceremony was presided over by the regent, DYMM The Sultan of Kedah Sultan Abdul Halim. The upgrading was official starting August 31st 2001.

Combined bodies:

  • Kulim’s city council
  • Kulim’s city body organization
  • Lunas local council
  • Padang Serai local council
  • Junjung local council
  • Mahang local council
  • Merbau Pulas local council

Execution of government act of 1976 (Act 171) starting February 1st 1978

February 1st 1978 – Kulim’s District Council (MDK)
August 1st 2001 – Kulim Municipal Council (MPKK)


bunga alamanda

Allamanda cathartica
(Bunga Rasmi)