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KULIM 18/6/2016 - Kedah Kulim Municipal Council was once again visited by the Kedah State Government Security Director - Mrs Noor Asa Binti Elang, in conjunction with the Special Security Inspectorate Award. Yang Dipertua, Setiausaha and Director of Department, Head of Division and members involved welcomed the arrival of Inspectorate of Security Security of the State of Kedah.

Also present were Team Mohd. Nawawi bin Deris, ENCIK Muhammad Fairuz bin Kamran, Encik Rohi Azman bin Ramli and Encik Muhammad Luqman Hakim bin Said.

The audit commences on 16th June 2019 and ends on 17th June 2019. The purpose of the Special Award Inspectorate is to recognize the best safeguarding governance governance in government agencies in an effort to increase the commitment of the Head of Department and Security Officers department to consistently practice and implement security in MPKK.