Public complaint


The public’s complains about their dissatisfaction to any actions perpetrated by the council’s that is felt to violate the law or certain council rules such as any wrongdoing, dereliction of duty, overstepping their bounds, administrative folly and so on. Public complains covers all aspect of the council’s administration except for matters regarding policies.

Unit Aduan,
Majlis Perbandaran Kulim,
No 104 – 120, Lorong Kota Kenari
5/1, Kota Kenari, 09000 Kulim Kedah

  1. Complain in person: complains counter, MPK
  2. Telephone: 04-4325225
  3. Fax: 04-4325229
  4. MPKK website: (for access to the complains system an applicant must first apply for a username and password from the IT officer. This is to avoid spamming on our servers
  5. Toll free: 1-800-88-0428
  6. e-Complains :