0.1 Water allocation and monitoring of planting and landscaping works.
0.2 Insurance policy covering Workmen’s’ Compensation and Third Party public Liability and signing of contract documents.
0.3 Transferring and disposing all excess from damages of the worksite.
0.4 The contractors are responsible to liaise with JKR, PBA, TNB and STM pertaining to problems arising from landscaping works.
0.5 Landscaping works beside a road must be monitored by a representative from Kulim District Council.
0.1 Merapikan penanaman pokok atau meratakan tanah kepada tahap yang dikehendaki.
0.2 Penggalian lubang penanaman pokok mestilah (3’x3’x3’) adalah termasuk memindahkan     lebihan tanah. Penggalian lubang mestilah dilaksanakan dengan menggunakan ‘handauger’ atau kaedah biasa lain.
0.3 Tanah yang dikorek mestilah diganti dengan ‘Top Soil’ yang diperkaya dengan ‘copmost’ dan     ‘organic fertilizer’ dalam  nisbah 1:1:1 kepada 10” daripada aras tanah.
0.4 Penambahan baja seperti ‘rock phosphate’ dan lain-lain.
0.5 Kesemua pokok-pokok mestilah mempunyai ketinggian 1.8 meter ke atas serta bergaris pusat  2.5 cm minima diukur 1.0 meter daripada pangkal pokok.
0.6 Kayu pancang dan jarring dawai mestilah diperuntukkan kepada pokok pada ketinggian  5’ dimana diperlukan sahaja.
0.7 All the plants planted along the main road is between 20' and must be at least 30' far away from a particular intersection or street according to landscaping plans.
0.8 All plants planted along the road must be 5' away from all drains, fire hydrants, electric poles and other public facilities.
0.9 All plants must be planted on the pavement between road kerb and road drain.
10. If necessary, the perimeter for the beds must be 4" wide x 6 thick with concrete kerb measuring 2'x2' with the upper portion of the kerb protrudes 4" above the sidewalk.
11. If necessary opening must be covered with tree gratings made from ms bars in accordance with the details and specifications in the drawings.
0.1 Tidy the planted shrubs or flattening the soil to the required level.
0.2 The holes dug for planting shrubs (11/2"x11/2") includes the transfer of excess soil. Excavation must be done using the Hand Auger or other means.
0.3 Excavated soil must be replaced with 'top soil’ enriched with compost and organic fertiliser in a 1:1:1 ratio to 10” from ground level.
0.4 Adding fertiliser such as Rock Phosphate and others.
0.5 The shrubs will be measured in detail as it stands on its own without support or the height measured from the ground level surface up to the highest point of the shrubs.
0.6 If necessary, the perimeter for the beds must be 4" wide x 6” thick (1:2:4) with the kerb protrudes 2" above the sidewalk.
0.7 The contractor is responsible for any damages in the correction of all the works are subject to the approval of the architect.
0.1 TURFING as specified must use grass species recommended by the Council or cow grass that does not produce awns and mimosa.
0.1 Beautification on the following sites:

a) Surau premise
b) Open spaces
c) Centre for public facilities
d) Kindergartens
e) Hawker centres
f) Car parking places
g) 40 'and 20' Slip roads
h) Major road junctions
i) Roundabout (shrubberies)
j) Shoulder of main roads (trees and shrubs)
k) Bumper zones

0.2 Intersection of main entry roads and around the housing signs.
0.3 Supply and installation of public facilities such as rest benches, playground equipments, trash bins and others.
0.4 Supply and installation of electric poles and lights in residential areas and open spaces. Remember, the installation of electric poles must be spaced 5' from shade trees and landscaped areas and vice versa.
0.5 Provide flower pots approved by the Council in front of Shop House units (1 unit = 2 pots).
0.6 Surau premise to be submitted to the State Religious Council in accordance with the Layout Plan Approval Conditions must be levelled, planted with 'close turfing' grass at 100%. Turf grass required by the Council or cow grass and enclosed by chain link fencing at least 4' tall with exits and entrances and surrounded with concrete ditches.
0.1 maintenance must be carried out in the period until the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) is acquired or for 6 months after the completion of the construction work. The contractor is responsible for the supply of equipments, accessories and water to perform this maintenance work.
0.2 Maintenance for trees include:

a) Watering plants .. once a week (based on the requirement).
b) Weeding .. once a month.
c) Aerating the soil .. once a month.
d) Repair stake and binder .. once a month.
e) Prune water suckers .. once a month,
formative pruning.
f) Fertilise plants .. once a month.
g) Spraying for insects and diseases .. if necessary.

0.3 Maintenance of grass includes:

a) Watering plants .. once a week (based on the requirement).
b) Weeding .. if necessary.
c) Cutting the grass .. if necessary.

  For more information please contact:

Landscape Division
Planning and Landscape Department
Kulim Municipal Council