Hall Rental

Terms and Conditions of Hall rental

  • The deposit needs to be paid during booking
  • Rent needs to be paid 2 weeks before the intended date of use
  • Ensure the safety and functionality of the equipments inside and outside of the hall
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the hall and the surroundings especially after using it
  • Ensure that there is no disturbance to the surrounding neighborhoods
  • No non halal food or beverages are allowed to be consumed on premises
  • The applicant is fully responsible on the issue of safety and security and the conduct of the participant in the hall during rent
  • The municipal council reserve the right to cancel or change the booking date for activities that are a given a priority and we are not responsible for looking for a replacement venue should this happen
  • Only one function per applicant
  • The usage hours of the hall are from 8 am to 12 am and the equipment and grounds need to be tidied before 12 am
  • The municipal council reserve the right to cancel the reservation or deposit or other actions should the applicant fail to abide by any rules set forth by the council
  • After completion of usage, the applicant need to come to the shop unit to claim their deposit by producing the original receipt and a copy of their identity card

Name of Halls




City Hall (Next to Kulim Bus Station)




Putra Hall (Next to Esso Gas Station)




Mahsuri Hall, Pdg Serai




* Note: the rate above is for a day's rent only

Supplied equipments:

  • Chair : 200-300 unit
  • Round Table : 10-20 unit